About Me

Abdul Kadir Molla

Mr. Abdul Kadir Mollah , not only name of a person, but also an inspiration of lifting one’s goal, an icon for teenager, a great giant for helpless people’s and so on. What he achieved and what’s resuming till now can’t be finished within few words. A novel of thousands page can be written if we include his biography, struggling in his early life, achievement as well as his devoted life for human welfare.

Mr. Abdul Kadir Mollah is the Founder , Chairman and Managing Director of Thermax Group. He is also the founder and Chairman of “ Mojid Mollah Foundation” a non profit charitable organization for social welfare situated in Narshingdi. He has established around 14 limited company under this Thermax Group Ltd. He is also well known as a great educator who established many school, college, Madrasha ,orphanage in all over the country . More than hundreds educational institutes are operating by his financial assistance. He build and reconstructed many mosques in all over the country. His greatness and activities for social and human welfare is not limited in his own locality , he extend his widespread activities in all over the country. People often called him a great giant and educator.